Stepping into a Start-Up

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m sure most people have seen The Social Network. The protagonists start out as fervent college students working frantically from their dorm rooms, and then they’re in a small office branded with the all-too-familiar Facebook colors and fonts. After that, their workplace explodes into what we imagine successful Internet company offices as today: “campuses,” like the infamous Google offices. They’re breathtaking in size and amenities. Aren’t all Internet start-ups like that?

Yesterday, I saw the much more realistic view of a start-up during my first day as a community manager intern at Livefyre. Needless to say, it’s awesome. The running joke in the office is that we’re all very, very cozy. Once everyone joins us or comes back from vacation, there will be twenty of us in an office that isn’t quite built for that many people. I was seated at the desk of one of the members of the development team, right next to Jordan, the CEO. The other community managers were scattered around the large tables. There were headphones, dual (or triple) monitors, a fully-stocked kitchen, and a conference room with a flat-screen and couches. It was hectic, but it was fun. Everyone was chatting with everyone, gathering around computers, breaking off into groups, and gathering around in the kitchen for lunch.

Livefyre is in a moment of huge growth. I won’t spoil anything until official announcements come out, but there are some great things on the company’s horizon. The company is only going to expand from here, and I’m excited to be stepping in and at just the right time.


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